• Helping people
    Rise above life's challenges
  • Providing uplifting services
    through affordable housing
  • Building healthy communities
    All LUNA requirements
    and more...

We are a foundation built on helping people in affordable housing rise above life’s challenges through providing uplifting services

Roger McCasland, President

Welcome to CIL!

Words from Roger D. McCasland, President

Crossroads In Life Foundation exists to help people in affordable housing rise above life’s challenges through providing uplifting benefits. We do this through empowering people with resources and tools to better their communities.

One of the key factors in helping communities become or stay healthy is the connection between individual residents in positive environments. We believe to cultivate this environment we must provide individuals who are committed to the initiation and retention of relationships. We have trained Resident Service Coordinators who implement our services in each community. We are here for you!

Spiritual Discipline

A Weekly Bible Study

Easter is a wonderful day to shout "He's Alive". It is not a lot different from the day when the crowd gathered for Jesus' trip to Jerusalem. It was just days before he was crucified, buried, and rose again. We can not only declare "Hosanna", but that "He is Alive", for we know the risen King. But that was not the case in the text. John 12:12-13 The crowd waved their palm leaves and stood in history as "The Holy Week", a week when they ushered Jesus into Jerusalem saying "Hosanna". Just days later, they shouted "Crucify Him!"

I'm not sure if you've been in another country, or seen how crowds can gather quickly to declare a protest, or produce a "Human Wall" to stand for something they feel very strongly about. I have never been in that kind of situation as a participant, but I have seen in person what kind of price it cost some to say, "I have been treated unfair", or, "No, my government is unfit to lead...

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Servant of All

Life Stories in Our Ministries

This recipient of the Crossroads In Life "Servant of All" Award for 2013 is Shobvan Dugar, a dynamic community service advocate that has a passion to serve her community, while putting GOD first. As Resident Service Coordinator, Shobvan does so much for the apartment community of Cedar Park. She has an amazing approach on bringing common sense solutions to businesses and life!

Not only is she creative, energetic, and innovative, but she is personable, organized and ministers to so many individuals each day she serves CILF and meets all standards of the LURA for the property.

As a recipient of the Life Coach award from her church and two time recipient of the Professional Trainer of the Year Award, Shobvan has been presenting her highly acclaimed customer service keynote and service programs for over 10 years.

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